How to create a report in Word

A report

A typical report, whether created with Microsoft Word or any other word processing application consists of:

  • Presentation page
  • Table of contents
  • Titles and content
  • Header and footer

Microsoft Word

Is a powerful text editor that allows to create documents text of any shape and complexity - of a report to a novel.

Step by step, in this tutorial I will show you how simple and easy to create a basic report with Microsoft Word. You can subsequently use it to the composition of any text document in the future.

Guide to creating a report with Microsoft Word

1. open Microsoft Word

open word

2 - Go to the Insert tab and select the guard to choose the Presentation Page template.

cover page

3 - The cover page, which is our presentation page is created. It remains to complete it.

complete cover page

4 - The second thing to do, is to create headers and footers. Usually there is the name of the document, its version number, and page numbers.

Usually we don not add header nor footer to the level of our presentation page. So, we put our cursor on the second page of our document for the next step.

5. To create the header, go to the Insert tab, then choose your header template.


6 - We fill out our header and we double click on our page to close the header Editor.

7 - To create the footer, we proceeded in the same way. Insert tab, then footer, and choose the model of choice.


8 - Finally each of our pages will look like this.


9 - Insert the contents. To do this, we will start by inserting the main title, then paragraphs with text, subsequently of subtitles and other content. It is very important to use the styles for our titles and subtitles. This will enable us to subsequently create our table of contents automatically.

10 - To create the main title, write the title, select it and click Heading 1 to apply the corresponding style.


11 - We will write our paragraph of text. Then we will insert a subtitle by selecting this time the Heading 2 style.


12 - Then another paragraph of text, etc.


13 - Once filled out our document with content, we can then insert the table of contents.

14 - The table of contents is usually found at the beginning of the document, right after the cover page.
So let's insert a blank page between our home and our content. The latter will contain the table of contents.

We place our cursor just before our main title (click so that it flashes). Then we go to the Insert tab and select Blank Page.

blank page

15 - To create the table of contents, go to the References tab and select the table of contents of your choice.

table of contents

16 - And behold, our basic document is ready.


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