How to achieve goals – Brian Tracy method

Achieving goals- method of Brian Tracy

Renowned author and consultant on topics of business Brian Tracy shared in one of his interviews a detailed technique on achieving goals based on years of learning of the activities of the rich and prosperous people. We present below its base.

1. Set your goals:Brian-tracy

  • What I want to be?
  • What I want to achieve in the next 5 years?
  • Who am I, where am I, what I want to achieve?

2. Make a plan and divide the tasks into subtasks.

3. Analyze the situation and make a list of actions

  • Make a list for the week and for each day.

4. Prioritize

  • On the 10 elements, select the most important 2.
  • Focus only on actions which will change the future.

5. The success code.

  • Note on paper 10 goals you want to achieve in the coming year.
  • Write them in the present, as if a year has passed and you have everything already done.
  • After each goal date achievements.

Example: “I win $100,000 in December, 2014.

Note each objective starting with the word ‘I ‘.

  • If the same objective could be achieved within 24 hours, it would help to achieve other objectives. Emphasize this purpose.
  • Take a new sheet of paper and write:
    “I came to[this objective on (date)]. »

Below, write what you need to do to achieve this goal – overcome obstacles, gain knowledge and experience, have the help of the people.

  • Divide the list into priorities and begin to act according to plan.
  • Every day do something to achieve the objective and think about it all day.

Good luck!

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