Find job in 7 easy steps

You are looking for a new job?

If your answer is “YES!”, Read on.

The techniques that work

Already be in employment is not easy in itself. You are never the only unemployed person looking for an income to survive. Each year thousands of new graduates out of various schools, to not count contractors, foreign consultants and immigrants. In this market, demand still exceeds supply, because places, especially in specialized companies, are limited.
So how to stand out and get a job that corresponds to our expectations?

Simply follow the 7 easy steps!

Step 1

Write a good CV. A resume that is clear, easy to read, objective, and that will highlight your strengths in relation to the requested requirements.
The technique of writing a winning resume is present in one of our articles.

Step 2

Register on job search sites, fill out your profile, and make your resume available for consultation by your potential employers. Also create there a custom search, which will send you by email, new positions available in your field and in your area.

The best job search sites in Canada are:

Step 3

If it is not done already, create your profile on LinkedIn and add a visible message to everyone saying that you are a specialist in XYZ and you are looking for new opportunities to offer your services.

Step 4

Send your resume to Employment Agencies. Often they are your best friends in search of employment, because they receive corporate commissions for placing people. And for you, their help cost nothing. So why not to enjoy this beautiful free opportunity?

A Canadian site to your favorites.

Step 5

Apply for any interesting offers, every day.

Step 6

Contact. When they will contact you by phone, answer the general questions, but still require an in-person meeting.
Be sure of you. Do not show up as a poor job seeker who does not have money to survive. But as a specialist and expert in his field, which offers its services.
Highlight your experience, your knowledge and achievements.

Step 7

Be patient and persistent. Tell yourself that nothing will stop you.

Good luck!

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