Do you have to learn a foreign language

Learning a foreign language, is it necessary, and why?

In the old days, only the travelling merchants mastered more than one language.

Today, with the advent of the Internet that has connected people around the world through a network of information and electronic commerce, the development of the tourism industry and migration, mastering one or more foreign languages ​​became absolutely necessary.
You need to easily communicate with your customers to sell your merchandise. If you travel, you must at least have the basic vocabulary of the language spoken at your destination. If you are looking for specific information on the Internet, chances are strong that it be in another language.

In short, whether you are a businessman, a tourist, a professional or even a student, you can not do anything without at least a second language in your life.

What other language does it take?

Here everything depends on your personal needs and intentions, but one thing remains true: some languages ​​in the world are more important than others, from a strategic point of view.
And geographical dispersion plays its important role.

Let’s look at this map:


It represents the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, covering the largest geographical area.

Those are:

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Arab
  • Hindu
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • French

If you are reading this article, you are already making part of the most privileged population in the world.

The universal language

Want you or not, but now the universal language is English. Although it is not the official language of many countries, however it is taught throughout the schools as the second most important language. It is the basic language of high-level computer code. It is present in economics. It’s on our electronic devices and in marketing slogans, in music and video games. The Anglicism settles everywhere.
You can love or hate the English, but we can no longer live without today.
So if you do not speak English, it’s time to learn it first.

The rest

The rest depends on your projects, personal or business needs. If you will never visit China or do not intend to open your business in Oman, Chinese or Arabic will not serve you. By cons if you want to move to Mexico, learn Spanish.

The methods

If you have the opportunity to register for right courses, do it. This is the best choice because you will have the opportunity to practice listening, speaking and writing at the same time, all in a stimulating environment with a group of living people, like you.

If language classes are not available near you, or you do not have enough means to pay one, opt for self-training. In general these are the manuals, software, and audio-visual recordings.
The choice is great. However the quality is not always perfect, then you have to choose the right kit.

I suggest you Pimsleur

This kit consists of recordings of conversations and a small PDF booklet with reading exercises. All that you have to do is listen and repeat aloud what you are asked.
I myself have taken this course, and I can say to you, the result is real. So I could significantly improve my English pronunciation and learn as well basic Hindi only in 1 month.

Click for more details:

To conclude

Yes, it is important to learn a foreign language to succeed in life.
There are a lot of learning methods.
Choose the one you like best. But remember one thing:

The language without practice is a dead language.

So be updated, and good luck!


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