The top of critical applications

What are the most exploited applications by you on your computer? You have surely a whole list. But are they quite powerful and easy to use?
I’d share here with you my list of applications that are part of the top of critical or the most essential that everyone in our modern world must have, and I will make a quick review of each.

Operating system already provides some basic tools that can serve us in everyday tasks.

Among them can be found:

  • Calculator
  • Notepad
  • Publishers of images, sounds and videos

At first sight, we may think that everything is there, and what to desire more? But in reality, you will realize, very soon, that their capabilities are quite limited and are not enough. What to do in this case? Find alternatives and supplements. So, we going to?

Here is the list of essential, top critical applications

Notepad ++

Notepad by excellence. Easy to use but at the same time very powerful, this utility will be your perfect companion for any plain text document editing. It offers tabbed browsing, which allows to open multiple documents in a single window, support for dozens of different file types (xml, sql, cpp and other) for developers working with code, it supports also the macros, plugins, and extensions. What’s great — it is absolutely free.


The paid version of Microsoft Office, or a free alternative as LibreOffice – the choice is yours. The base package always contains the 3 main applications: advanced text editor (Word), spreadsheet (Excel) and the presentations (PowerPoint).
The features of each of these software will be addressed in an article specifically dedicated to Microsoft Office.


The Internet browser the most reliable and the most powerful on the planet. Fast, easy to use and completely customizable through hundreds of free extensions. In short, a picture is worth a thousand words. Try it!


Have you ever had the need to explain to someone verbally what is happening on your computer screen? Not easy!
Greenshot comes to help with these features. Your screenshot picture is taken with opportunities to edit it, by adding arrows, explanatory text, boxes… It is absolutely free. Convinced?


Everybody heard of it. What to say more? The most powerful and comprehensive software for editing images and photos in the world.

Sony Vegas

If you’re shooting videos, it is one of the most popular software for editing your digital files, finalize, and then export them in various formats for Youtube or your BlueRay player.


An excellent music player. Configurable, customizable, supports extensions, reads all audio formats. Totally free.


Very simplistic interface, this media player will allow you to reproduce all types of video and audio files.


You know ZIP compressed files. This software will allow you to “zip” and “unzip” any ZIP, RAR or other archive. Free also.

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