Office – mastering the office suite

Mastering the office suite, such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice and any other alternative, is essential. The information in a computer system are presented in the form of files, also called documents and we need to know to handle them. It is the goal of our next series of courses.

 The main tools

The basic tools of any office suite include the following set:

  • Word processing (Word)
  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Presentation tool (Power Point)

 As a suite Microsoft Office is the most widespread in the world our lessons will focus on the latter. However, your knowledge acquired will be transferable as well on other equivalent software.


The word-processing application that will allow you to write reports, letters and other documents of any kind. You can insert images, graphics, tables, table of contents and enjoy incredibly rich page layout.
In general the Word documents are the future prints on paper, but can be also converted into PDF format for more comfortable electronic consultation.


Will be your faithful companion when you work with data (statistical or accounting).
Tables, graphics, and formulas, mathematical, statistical and accounting, integrated will allow you to manage your complex calculations with a few mouse clicks.
You could even use it to manage your library or your personal budget.

Power Point

When you have professional presentations to do, which is will screen wide to impress your audience – this is your tool of choice.
Listings may contain text, images, graphics, animations – all packed in a visual theme that will be pleasing to the eye, easy to read and understand.

Each of these software will be covered in video lessons that will follow.

See you soon!

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