Notes taking – speech to text

If you are a journalist, a student, or a business oriented person, you are probably have a need to take notes, and document them.

Taking notes in our daily life can be done in various ways, from the simple handwriting to audiovisual recording. Text documents, however, are still the most popular data format. They could be printed out, taken everywhere, and in most cases, are much easier to understand and learn from.

But how to have textual information without putting considerable physical effort in its drafting?


There are actually some professional software on the market, which as personal secretaries can turn your words into text. The best known of them is certainly Dragon Naturally Speaking. It fits perfectly into a word processor such as Microsoft Word and not only this translate your words into text, but also includes punctuation commands and the line breaks.

It is a beautiful invest to do, if you have the monetary means, but it also has its limitations – not all languages are supported, unfortunately.

An alternative? Yes, there is one, which is excellent. First of all it is completely free and works directly online, so you can use it from any computer connected to the Internet; the only requirement is to have mandatory Chrome browser, because at the moment this application does not work with other browsers. Its second strength – virtually all the world’s languages are supported. Finally, its use is very simple. You dictate the text, which is written in a box provided for that purpose, then you can do copy and paste into your favorite text editor, and voila.

The product we are talking about is called Online Dictation.

So, stop handwriting, or typing, and convert your words directly into the text.

Simply, go get Google Chrome browser, and navigate to

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