How to write a winning Resume

What is a Resume?

A resume or CV, is a written overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications.

Why do you need it?

To find a job. In fact, it is the first document required by any employer before inviting a potential candidate for a position in the company maintenance.
And a winning CV will stand out from dozens or even hundreds of other job seekers that will now fierce competition certainly.

The method of winning resume

Here I will present you the very simple but effective method to write successful CV. All what you need to do is simply complete the model that I am going to provide you. And all that will take only an hour of your time!

The model

We will use a hybrid model consisting of reverse chronological (occupied jobs, from the most recent to oldest) and functional (grouping by expertises). Why is this the best model? Because I’ve spent hundreds of job interviews in my life, passing through multiple agencies and employers, and considering my rich experience, I share with you what really works. Convinced?

Let’s go!

Section 1

The first section is your business card. Put there your name, your address and your speciality. So when an employer will see your CV, he will got immediately an idea of who you are, which will stay in his brain.

Section 2

Label it with Profile and put underneath, in the form of list, all your expertise. The expertise that make you a professional and that stands you out from the others.

Section 3

Put the Training title, and below – all your diplomas, certificates and courses, with start and end dates, followed in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Section 4

Start with the title Working Experience.

Put there your jobs occupied during your career in order starting with the most recent.

This should resemble the following:

Company ABC, Paris, France September 2014 – may 2015
Analyst programmer

Just below put all your tasks in a list the most important you have made.
If you have worked with a particular environment (software, technical), also list just below.

Section 5

In the form of a table, show all software, techniques and methodologies that you master. That will put you even more value.

As title put: Mastering of Software, Techniques and Methods.

Now, that’s all. Simple?

Good luck!


Here are some pretty important points to remember.

  • Put on your resume only relevant work experience to the position you are targeting.
  • Highlight your expertise that are in demand for the position.
  • Avoid having too broad hole between two periods of work. For example, if you were unemployed.
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